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Our Robert La Roche glasses are from acetate and titanium.

We only use Italian and French acetate,

without exception, we use Japanese titanium to guarantee the highest quality standards.

We use sun lenses from Zeiss and Divel for our Robert La Roche sunglasses.

These correspond to the current international regulations with regard to UV protection and block all light wavelengths below 400 nanometers that are harmful to the eye (UV-A and UV-B protection).

On the packaging of your Robert La Roche sunglasses you will find the information about which filter category the lenses correspond to.

Our acetate glasses are made in the best Italian factories.

All titanium glasses and titanium-acetate combinations are made exclusively in the finest Japanese manufacturers.

The size information can be found on the detail page of our glasses and on the inside of the temple.

The information is explained as follows:


Example 51-19-145

  • 51 is the width of the glass in mm
  • 19 is the web width in mm
  • 145 is the temple length in mm

A microfiber cleaning cloth is included with every Robert La Roche glasses.

Use this for daily cleaning of your glasses.

If your acetate glasses are slightly soiled, they can also be carefully cleaned under warm water and a little mild soap.

If you are very dirty, you can also place your glasses in a specially designed ultrasonic bath. Never clean your glasses with strong detergents or with spirit and alcohol-based solvents, as these can attack and damage the surface of your glasses. 

Cleaning the glasses:

Use the Robert La Roche glasses cleaning cloth or another suitable microfiber glasses cleaning cloth to clean your glasses. This removes grease and moisture from the lenses. If your glasses are more dirty, use a cleaning spray that does not contain alcohol.

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