Les Deux H

The Viennese optician and design duo Harry Bader and Harry H., better known under the moniker Les Deux H, have made a name for themselves with their keen attention to detail and their intrinsic knowledge of eyewear. Once again, Robert La Roche is celebrating an aesthetic that doesn’t shy away from cleverly chosen dissonances. “Les Deux H” have bestowed a dramatic depth and a complex character upon their creations akin to luminous figures in a world of shadows. Their design language is glamorous and chic. Graceful but licentious. Always elegant but never shallow. Our eyes are drawn to beauty, but only the kind that’s strife-torn and tortuous can capture our attention.

For their collaboration with Robert La Roche, they took inspiration from silver screen legends like John Elton, Gina Lollobrigida, Mia Farrow and Cari Zalloni. The collection, handcrafted from high-grade acetate, emphasizes sophistication and versatility, but puts a licentious spin on the timeless pieces. This new collection, created in collaboration with Les Deux H Vienne, continues the house’s legacy of playing with polar opposites, resulting in a line of sun and optical frames that was designed for complex characters and stern personalities.

The glasses from the Les Deux H collection are in their most beautiful form. Designed in Austria, carefully handcrafted in Italy. With subtle charm and timeless elegance, it underlines the design of the Les Deux H and gives every moment a touch of something special.

Robert La Roche - RLR Amalfi 176
Robert La Roche - AM3 30
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