The new collection from Les Deux H

The thrillingly attractive new models by Robert La Roche are here! Graceful but licentious. Always elegant but never shallow. Our eyes are drawn to beauty, but only the kind that’s strife-torn and tortuous can capture our attention.

Once again, Robert La Roche is celebrating an aesthetic that doesn’t shy away from cleverly chosen dissonances. “Les Deux H” have bestowed a dramatic depth and a complex character upon their creations akin to luminous figures in a world of shadows.

This idea is mirrored in the campaign that brings a surprising dash of glamour into desolate surroundings. The confident models pose nonchalantly for their fictitious mug shots – turning the identifying photo session by the police into a chic fashion shoot.

Now all eyes are on March 30, 2021, when the hotly anticipated debut collection by “Les Deux H” for Robert La Roche will celebrate its world premiere.

We’re certain that these dangerously gorgeous pieces will soon be at the top of “most wanted” lists everywhere.

Robert La Roche - harry lesdeuxh.png